Nonton Film Time Seems to Have Forgotten () Subtitle Indonesia Filmapik
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Time Seems to Have Forgotten (2022)

Nonton Time Seems to Have Forgotten (2022) Subtitle Indonesia Filmapik

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Legend has it that there is a mysterious pawn shop that only people who are too greedy can enter. Pawnee’s dream can come true with love but if the pawn is redeemed or destroyed, the interest and price must be repaid. Lu Xiao Fan, who once pawned his lover Wu Zheng to escape from danger, was in a state of confusion. He was afraid that his lover would be in danger again, so he had to show up to protect her. But Wu Zheng, who had forgotten her lover, was unable to deal with the huge debts, so she started the road of pawning under the opportunity, but she didn’t know that the road ahead was full of crises and variables…

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