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My Way (2022)

Nonton My Way (2022) Subtitle Indonesia Filmapik

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Series Status : Returning SeriesDuration : 45 minRelease : 


The suicide of her best friend, Cheng Ru Ying, ripples through the lives of four mothers – Fang Yuan, Jin Lu, You Xiao Zhu and Ding Mu Mu – as they search for the truth about her suicide. This accident shatters the perfect life of full-time housewife Fang Yuan. When Jin Lu, a non-maritalist curator, is about to realize her career dream, she accidentally gets pregnant and the father of her baby is her temporary boyfriend. The four mothers bravely face up to the twists and turns and search for their initial dreams, and at the same time, they work together to reveal the truth about Cheng Ru Ying’s death and to do justice to the dead.

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